Almeda CoWorking

¿What is CoWorking?

An opportunity in a very special environament

n this type of job sharing is available to the user all the elements necessary for the development of its activity, such as desks andnecessary furniture, toilets, changing rooms, air conditioning, internet access, telephone service, fax, photocopier, printing, and in general everything you need in an office.
The fact that different users share the same facilities implies that no investment on your part, the costs thereof are markedly lower than the leasing of offices dedicated to offer people with difficult access to employment, which in the present economic circumstances is fundamental to society s economic recovery.

The Coworking is proving to be an effective means of creating and occupation, as it responds to the needs of small entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, freelancers from initiating or continuing professional activities that would otherwise have unassumablecosts, and without the solitude of self-employed.

Almeda Coworking offers

Air-conditioned rooms and cleaning and sanitation services.
With daylight and high tech lighting led.
Reception room visits.
Job consists of table, armchair, cabinet documents.
Common Internet services, telephone, photocopier, fax, scanner and printer.
Domiciliation of companies, receiving mail and notifications. E-mail.


Also have private offices Coworking in regime type, ie all services including: desks, ergonomic chairs, cabinets, connection type internet access, telephone, copier, fax, printer, document destruction, climate control, power, etc. ..

Monthly contract will be renewed.

We fear two categories of firms: type type PB and PP.

The offices type PB are 16 m2 and can accommodate up to 4 standard tables 140×80 cm.

The offices type PP are measured between 7 and 10 m2 and can accommodate up to 2 standard tables 140×80 cm.

What is CoworkingSpain Visa?

CoworkingSpain Visa allows members of a coworking space using other free spaces for 2-3 days.

This service is primarily intended for users who move from their city. And it is taking place to implement it internationally.

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