sharing ec

In the midst of an economic recession and with a lowering 2% GDP in the country, Brazilian coworking operator, Sharing E.C., made a bold US$2,000,000 investment on a 10 story building that will host its newest coworking location (set to open December, 2016).

Founder Matias Vazquez explains how the new building, combined with Sharing E.C.’s current location in Sao Paulo, will have the capacity to welcome 1,100 shared desk members, plus have room enough for over 50 private offices, 9 meeting rooms, a filming and photography studio, and event space.

Additionally, the new location will feature 50 storage spaces for members to store their bikes and will also provide members with showers, on-demand electrical bikes, and car-sharing services.

Vazquez comments, “Though Brazil is currently facing a difficult situation economically and politically, our industry here shows a 30% annual growth. We made the decision to invest in this building so that we could be in full control of the location’s management, this will help us reduce overhead costs and leave us as sole decision makers when it comes to hosting and planning events. Furthermore, we hope to collaborate with various startups to develop projects in the new space.”

For the time being, Sharing E.C. is already planning pre-launch events to help promote the space.

In 2017, the coworking operator hopes to continue its expansion plans in other cities, starting with Buenos Aires.